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On 29th of June, 2010 the European And Asian carrier received significant support: the international East-West Transports Corridor Association was founded in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.

THE ASSOCIATION IS ready to provide assistance not only to carriers. It is ready to expand and facilitate the road for transport and logistics companies, intermodal transport and modern technologies; moreover, it is going to enhance the cooperation between the national authorities and research structures. Read...


The East-West transport corridor Association (EWTCA) kindly invites you to the EWTCA Berlin Forum (Berlin, Germany) on 25 – 26th October, 2012 (please find attached invitation and practical information). The East-West Transport Corridor Association (EWTCA) is an organization established (2010) on the basis of voluntary business interests with a view to increasing effectiveness of the […]

Freight is shipped by containers between Europe and Asia via the railway route Brest (Byelorussia) – Naushki (Russia) – Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) for ten years. Goods are delivered to Brest from shippers on trucks or by single wagons. At the terminal on the railway border station, containers are pooled and a formed lot of containers is […]