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On 29th of June, 2010 the European And Asian carrier received significant support: the international East-West Transports Corridor Association was founded in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.

THE ASSOCIATION IS ready to provide assistance not only to carriers. It is ready to expand and facilitate the road for transport and logistics companies, intermodal transport and modern technologies; moreover, it is going to enhance the cooperation between the national authorities and research structures. By land transport, which is much faster than maritime transport, the Association will seek to eliminate obstacles in cargo transportation, simply documentation procedures and represent common interests of partners at international and national level.

THE GOAL OF the international East West Transport Association (EWTCA) is to develop the cooperation between transport and logistics companies, intermodal transport operators, consignors and consignees, authorities and academic institutions in relation to the establishment of multifaceted East West Transport corridor, which would have the capacity of handling global Asian – European trade flows. The EWTC Association Establishment agreement was signed by the representatives of 26 businesses, academic and administrative bodies. The new established EWTCA consists now of 6 business associations, 14 companies, 4 public administrative institutions, 2 universities. Altogether – 1796 companies and institutions from 11 countries: Sweden, Denmark, France, Belgium, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China and Lithuania.

MOREOVER, MORE representatives from other concerned countries and planning to become members of Association. Dr. Algirdas Šakalys, an adviser to Prime Minister and one of the heads of the Lithuanian Intermodal Transport Technology Platform, was elected as a president of the Association. The involvement of the high governmental and business representatives in the establishment of the Council of the Association was welcomed and evaluated by the participants and the initiators of the Constituent Assembly. Lin Beizhang, a representative of powerful Europe – Asia Continental Landbridge Logistics Association (China) was elected as a Vice-President of the Association; Vice-President‘s duties were passed to the Mr. Sven- Ake Svensson, a member of Blekinge Regional Executive Council, Mayor of the City of Karlshamn (Sweden).

THE ASSOCIATION, among other tasks, will assist in the identification and removal of bottlenecks along EWTC, simplify documentation and clearance procedures at border crossing points, apply green transport innovations and new technologies, and represent common interests of the EWTC partners at international and national levels.

NOTABLE, THAT DURING the first two years of operation, the East-West Transport Association will get technical and financial assistance from the EU Baltic Sea Foundation in the framework of the EWTCII project initiated and coordinated by Blekinge region(Sweden). The EWTC II is seen by the EU Baltic Sea Strategy, submitted by the European Commission, as a model of green transport corridor, whose successful implementation could serve as an example of best practice in the transport sector across Europe.

AND FINALLY, it is of utmost importance that, being an innovative instrument for partnership, the EWTC Association, should make a significant contribution and generate added value in terms of handling and developing trade flows between Europe and Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and China and other Far East countries.

EWTCA Council