EWTCA (East West Transport Corridor Association) and CIFA (China International Forwarders Association) agreed onthe  organization of the joint CIFA/EWTCA conference in Vilnius/Klaipeda on 5-6 September 2016 based on the Declaration signed between EWTCA and CIFA during last year’s joint CIFA/EWTCA conference in Qingdao (China).

Currently EWTCA and CIFA are establishing organization committee of the conference. Besides the Secretariat of EWTC Association, Mr.Lin Beizhan, EWTCA Vice President (China), representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Lithuania, JSC “Lithuanian Railways” and Klaipeda Sea Port Authority have already agreed to be members of the organization committee

At the same time it hsas been agreed preliminary that the main items of the International conference should include:  building smooth, efficient transport and logistics partners network connecting China with Europe via Baltic; improving interoperability of logistics and transport hubs along this global transport corridor; simplification of procedures and documentation along Asia – Europe transport links and composition of the network for research activity facilitating operational activities along Asia –Europa transport junctions.