The East-West transport corridor Association (EWTCA) kindly invites you to the EWTCA Berlin Forum (Berlin, Germany) on 25 – 26th October, 2012 (please find attached invitation and practical information).

The East-West Transport Corridor Association (EWTCA) is an organization established (2010) on the basis of voluntary business interests with a view to increasing effectiveness of the East – West Transport Corridor linking the Southern Baltic Sea Region of the European Union (Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Sweden), the Kaliningrad Region of the Russian Federation and other countries (Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, and countries in the Black Sea Region and Asia).

The EWTCA is expected to enhance co-operation between the transport and logistics companies, intermodal transport operators, consignors and consignees, governmental bodies, academic and research institutions along the East-West (Asia-Europe) transport corridor. It promotes the dialogue with a view to addressing the emerging problems.

The Forum aims to promote the dialogue on the following issues: co-operation in developing the intermodal transport links between Asia and Europe, the EU Eastern Neighbourhood Policy, and transport logistic operations between the Baltic-Black Sea regions.

The main topics at the Forum (on 25th October) to be discussed:

1. Perspectives for the development of transport and logistics links between Asia and Europe by using the inland transport. Challenges and opportunities;

2. Ports and hinterland connections development;

3. A new EU Eastern Neighbourhood policy;

4. The East-West Transport Corridor Association as an instrument for the implementation of the EU Eastern Neighbourhood policy;

  1. Analysis of the existing good practices in the development of Asia – Europe transport links;
  2. The Sun train-land bridge between Asia and Europe;
  3. Global intermodal freight logistics – opportunities for railways;
  4. Interoperable Asia –Europe transport connections. Mythical challenge or reality?
  5. ITS in interregional intermodal transport systems;

5. Simplified customs and border crossing procedures as a generator of development international transportation;

6. Experience of transport logistics operators in the Baltic and Black Sea Regions (VIKING Project) / The concepts of “single window” and “one-stop administrative shop” along the Baltic Sea – Black Sea link;

On 26th October, 2012, tête-à-tête meetings will be organized between the Forum participants on mutual or bilateral issues. Participants will have a possibility to meet transport and logistics and forwarding companies from Benelux countries, Germany, Sweden, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Belarus and other countries, and talk on co-operation issues.

We hope that you will accept our invitation and we are looking forward to welcome you to Berlin!

For more information please contact EWTCA Secretariat  and