On 29 th April 2015 was held EWTCA Council meeting in Vilnius. During the meeting Algirdas Šakalys presented a new proposal to organise EWTCA General Assembly on 22-23 October in Kaunas and Klaipėda by coordinating it with the International Conference Transport Means -2015 which will take place on 22-23 October (Kaunas –Klaipeda) and the Conference of the EU Seventh Framework Programme BESTFACT on 23 October (Klaipėda). EWTCA expects to get the permission to participate in the plenary meetings of both conferences, and present its activity to a wide audience. Whereas the main EWTCA General Assembly meeting (including elections) could be held during the second half of the day (October 23) in Klaipėda.

Also, it was agreed:

  • a special brochure on EWTCA activities during 2011 – 2014 will be prepared by EWTCA Secretariat.
  • To organise EWTCA Council meeting in Vilnius on 21-22 September 2015 (for the approval of new documents, decisions, procedures, candidates and guidelines for the next 4 years).

Algirdas Šakalys informed about invitation to take part in the International transport forum (ITF)-2015 which will take place in Leipzig on 27-29 May is a global transport event attended by transport ministers and representatives of international transport organizations, as well as the key transport business and research players from more than 70 countries.. Also ITF is the only international transport body with global global mandate for all modes

Participants of the meeting agreed that, participation in this forum and especially in the selected sessions:

  • Crossing continents: How new routes and technology can improve surface transport
  • New trade patterns: the implications for maritime transport
  • Transport innovation talks
  • Facilitating global trade and transport
  • Logistics connectivity: the key facilitator of global trade
  • Transport and regional development

and information gained during other sessions and panel discussions will be useful in developing the Association’s activity plans during the next four years.

Also Algirdas Šakalys noted that this will also be a good opportunity to acquire knowledge on further transport development trends and participate in the live dialogues with the main transport sector decision-makers.

Next major EWTCA event of 2015 -a joint EWTCA AND CIFA JOINT CONFERENCE AND THE FORUM OF COOPERATION ON THE “ONE BELT AND ONE ROAD” in Yinchuan, the Capital City of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in the northwest part of China in the second half of July. The main objective of the conference is to find the ways of cooperation between EWTCA and CIFA partners in developing transport and logistics links and in serving the global Asia-Europe trade flows. Here the focus should be given to the new China’s Silk Road initiative.

During the first joint EWTCA and CIFA conference will be signed a joint activity declaration this 2015, during the process of preparation of this document the main role should be played by the business companies and structures actually operating and interested to work with the partners from China. Therefore established a working group for preparation of a joint EWTCA and CIFA declaration consisting of the representatives of EWTCA President, VPA Logistics, LINEKA, Lithuanian Railways and Karlshamn Port. This working group will work with the assistance of other partners (including MFA Lithuania). The EWTCA partners proposed the following dates for the EWTCA and CIFA conference 13-14 July or 29-30 July, 2015.

For EWTCA the future expectations for cooperation in preparing proposals for INTERREG and H2020 programmes presented by Laima Greičiūnė.  Proposed EWTCA priorities include the following topics:

  • Innovative models and processes in managing international transport corridors and global logistic networks;
  • Integration of fragmented and different transport/logistics ICT (along the transport corridor and the logistic network) aimed at establishing a common open-type information platform;
  • Integrated processes and technologies for long-distance carriage and last mile carriage;

Horizon 2020 programme (topics related to logistics and integration of transport modes); the priorities in 2015 could be:

  • MG 5.5b -2015 Demonstrating and testing innovative solutions for cleaner and better urban transport and mobility (deadline 15-10-2015);
  • MG-8.3-2015 Facilitating market take up of innovative transport infrastructure solutions (deadline 15-10-2015);
  • MG-8.4b-2015 Smart governance, network resilience and streamlined delivery of infrastructure innovation (deadline 15-10-2015);
  • MG-3.6b-2015 Safe and connected automation in road transport (deadline 15-10-2015);

INTERREG topics related to:

  • Specific objective 1.2 „Smart specialisation“
  • Specific objective 3.1 „Interoperability of transport modes“
  • Specific objective 3.4 „Environmentally friendly shipping“


Main outcomes of EWTCA Council meeting:

  • the new place (Klaipeda) and the final date (23 October) of the EWTCA General Assembly were approved;
  • a special brochure on EWTCA activities during 2011 – 2014 will be prepared by EWTCA Secretariat;
  • approved EWTCA participation in ITF event in 2015;
  • it was agreed to compose EWTCA working group for the preparation of a joint EWTCA and CIFA declaration;
  • EWTCA partners proposed the following dates for the EWTCA and CIFA conference 13-14 July or 29-30 July, 2015;
  • it was agreed to organise the next EWTCA Council meeting in Vilnius on 21-22 September 2015.
  • a detailed topic description will be sent to the partner network for cooperation and preparation of proposals for INTERREG and H2020 programmes;
  • approved EWTCA financial report for 2014and financial budget (forecast) for 2015.