On 11 May of this year the EWTCA President Dr.Algirdas Šakalys had a meeting with Rimantas Sinkevičius, the Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania. During the meeting A.Šakalys presented to the Minister and his team the EWTCA action plans for 2015 and highlighted the following major EWTCA events in 2015:

  • joint EWTCA and CIFA conference (planned on 29-30 July in Yinchuan, China),
  • joint Transport Means – 2015 and final BETSFACT conference of the EU Seventh Framework Programme for research, as well as – the EWTCA General Assembly (organised on 22-23 October in Kaunas and Klaipėda).

Minister R.Sinkevičius has shown great interest to the joint EWTCA and CIFA event where the priority will be given to the discussions on the development of cooperation between EWTCA and CIFA partners in implementing a new Silk Road initiative.  The Minister has also highlighted that to his mind July is not a very good month to organise such an important event, since this month in Lithuania, Scandinavian countries and in the continental Europe is the month of holidays. In view of this it is difficult to expect that the event will be attended by the leaders of transport and logistics companies of the above regions.

FINALLY, the Minister noted that he would himself consider the possibility and appropriateness to participate in the EWTCA and CIFA event if its date is postponed.

A.Šakalys promised to apply to CIFA authorities and EWTCA partners concerning the possibility to postpone the joint EWTCA and CIFA conference to September of this year, and to send the Minister an official EWTCA invitation to the conference.

A very fruitful dialogue was also established concerning the aforementioned joint event to be held on 22-23 October in Kaunas and Klaipeda. The Minister expressed his political support to these events and promised to deliver a speech during the joint EWTCA General Assembly, because the favourably evaluates activity of the Association.