The Euro Asia Economic Forum 2013 was held on 26-28 September in  Xi’an (China) and attended by over 3000 participants from more than 70 countries.

Besides the issues related to Asia-Europe financial and economic cooperation, China’s Vice Prime Minister Mr.Wang Yang who participated in the opening ceremony of the Forum mentioned the importance of the development of the ‘Silk Road’ between Asia and Europe and highlighted that this road crosses the territories of 40 countries with 3 billion citizens.  It is a very important political guideline. Its importance was also confirmed by the structure of the Forum where the problems of the Asia-Europe continental landbridge have been considered during a separate session of the Forum (sub-Forum) where EWTCA President Dr.Algirdas Šakalys delivered presentation. He addressed the audience of about 500 participants with the presentation „Baltic intermodal Transport Corridor as a promising section of the Asia –Europe Continental Landbridge”.

The speakers of the plenary session have been kindly accepted by the Mayor of Xi’an (with more then 10 million population). His deputy Hang Song has also delivered the presentation during the plenary session. During the reception the Mayor expressed his gratitude to the speakers of the plenary session for sharing their best practices and invited them to pursue cooperation in the above field.

During the reception EWTCA had an opportunity to associate and make potentially beneficial contacts with the representatives of major transport companies and transport/logistics hubs, as well as with the representatives of the administrative structures, including  Mr. Li Pingwei, Deputy Director of the International Trade and Logistics Park of Xi‘an, Mr. Li Shuqiu, Director of the Logistic Council of Chongqing Municipal Government, Dai han Sheng, one of the authorities of the CRCT (China Railway Container Transport), Jianjung Zhao, representative of Europe International Bloc Train and other important persons, including the key players of European transport logistics.

Together with Mr. Jos Marinus, President of European Logistics Association (ELA) Dr.Algirdas Šakalys discussed the opportunities of cooperation between the EWTCA and ELA within the framework of the bilateral membership or cooperation agreement.

This issue is to be discussed during the next EWTCA Council meeting, as well as cooperation development with the partners from China.

EWTCA wants to inform that in one of the Forum’s sections the presentation „East –West transport corridor: New option for better economic co-operation between China and Europe” was delivered by Prof. Stane Bozicnik (Slovenia), one of the partners of our Association.   Thus, our Association and EWTC corridor have been presented extensively to a wide international audience. We wouldn’t have managed to do this during the planned separate EWTCA Forum in China in 2013.