On November 2013 Mr.Fliur Sharipov, a representative of the Tatarstan Republic (Russia Federation) in Lithuania, paid a visit in EWTCA. He was accompanied by Grigorijus Saveljavas ir Arūnas Jankauskas, the business counterparts working with the Republic of Tatarstan. The aim of their visit was to present the developed major logistics centres which will serve Europe-Asia cargo flows. Representatives from Tatarstan were interested in the possibility to deliver cargoes from Tatarstan via the southern Baltic Sea Region to Northern Europe and the continental Europe. For that they want to use the most suitable transport corridors to serve the above flows. Mr. Fliur Sharipov wanted to get acquianted with EWTCA development plans and EWTCA as an instrument for cooperation within the this corridor. Mr.Algirdas Šakalys (President of EWTCA ) presented (characterised) EWTCA partners and their role in developing the corridor, as well as the main EWTCA developments. Representatives from Tatarstan were interested if their business counterparts could take part in EWTCA events and in the possibility to join the EWTC Association.

During the meeting the decision was made to invite Tatarstan’s business representatives to the next EWTCA meeting in 2014. EWTCA was also invited to participate in the high-level ministerial meeting in Tatarstan.